Re-Pat is a full service provider that manages all aspects of repatriation. We can help insurers avoid unscrupulous medical providers by assisting with all the complex aspects of patient care such as domestic and international ground ambulance transfers, medically configured fixed-wing air ambulance transfers, government permits, managing specialized care needs abroad, overseeing ongoing rehabilitation needs such as OT/PT and handling the ongoing coordination of necessary medical supplies, medicines and equipment. Re-Pat manages the entire case and provides comprehensive continuity of care for the patient.


Customer Service

As you may already know from your own experience or word-of-mouth, the same customer service that separates Comp-X from our competitors will be brought to the forefront of Re-Pat. Upholding an exemplary standard of service is vitally important to us, making us the right choice for any case. Our team is available 24/7/365 and our call center is 100% U.S. based. No calling outsourced call centers where your importance may be compromised. We look forward to working with you to solve your long-term health care claims no matter how complicated the case.


Knowing that repatriation offers unique challenges for each individual patient, all our services are fully customizable. We make it our business to understand and be sensitive to the distinctive characteristics of every patient’s needs and concerns. Recognizing that uniqueness of care is essential, we handle all clients’ particular requirements on a case-by-case basis.

The services we provide include,
but are not limited to:

International Repatriation Services

Re-Pat's International Repatriation Services is a unique service. Our Repatriation services are designed to return foreign workers to their home country after a catastrophic work-related injury. Often times the injured worker requires ongoing medical care and case management once they return to their home country. RE-PAT can help the insurer avoid unscrupulous medical providers by assisting with transfers, government issues, and the coordination of medical supplies and equipment. Re-Pat will continue to follow the case and provide continuity of care for the patient.

  • Billing Management Services include, but not limited to:
    • Provider contracting/International Provider Network
    • Air Ambulance/Commercial Flight coordination
    • Billing audit
    • Bill reformatting
    • Liaison between providers and trust administrator
  • U.S. based services for international telephonic/video case management services:
    • Provider Coordination
    • Hospitals
    • Gatekeeper Physician & Gatekeeper Physician Training
    • Clinics
    • Physicians
    • Specialists
    • PT/OT/ST Providers
    • Mental Health Specialists
    • Dentists
    • DME/Home Health
    • Physician Contact
    • Patient/Family Contact
    • Crisis Management
    • Management of Treatment Plan
    • Home Visits
    • Physician Coordination
    • Monthly Comps/Comp Supplies Procurement and Distribution
  • International Field Case Management:


    • Meet patient at the airport, work with customs as necessary
    • Meet with Gatekeeper physician
      • Gatekeeper physician training as necessary
    • Patient/Family visits
      • Initial from airport
      • Multiple home visits during stay as necessary
      • Family training
    • Specialty physician meetings
    • Outpatient clinic meeting
    • Hospital administration meeting
    • DME and other vendor meetings


    • Meet with Gatekeeper physician
    • Patient/Family visits
      • Multiple home visits during stay as necessary
    • Specialty physician meetings
    • Outpatient clinic meeting
    • Hospital administration meeting
    • DME and other vendor meetings
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