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Beginning in 1984, the management team at Comp-X founded and operated Multi-Care Medical Transportation, a small, regional medical transportation provider in New Jersey, which over time became the largest private medical transportation provider in the Greater New York City Metro area. During Multi-Care’s growth, several other mid-sized transportation providers were added to the Multi-Care family, including Keefe & Keefe Ambulance (NYC), Guardian Ambulance (Elizabeth, NJ), AmCoach Ambulance (Palisades Park, NJ), Multi-Care Medical Car Services, Multi-Care International Air Ambulance, and Medics Transportation Network. In 1995, Multi-Care was purchased by Rural /Metro Ambulance, a national provider of medical transportation services based in Scottsdale, Arizona.


In 2005, Rural/Metro ceased operations in New Jersey. James and Christine Loures, along with Lenny August, founded Med-X Medical Management Services. Initially, Med-X catered exclusively to the Workers’ Compensation and Automotive markets due to the leadership’s extensive involvement with case management. Subsequently, Med-X was able to take advantage of a new trend in the industry of networking providers to expand services. With many years of experience in the transportation industry and serving injured workers, Med-X developed a hybrid model that maintained our own local fleet of vehicles and utilized highly qualified providers in other areas. This is the same model we continue to utilize today.

In 2012, in response to a growing trend of combining transportation and translation services, Med-X partnered with a New York City-based language interpretation provider.  This provider specialized in legal and medical translation services for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and the United States Government. This relationship still exists today.

2012 also saw the birth of our sister company, Med-X Global. Med-X Global provides revenue cycle management for foreign hospitals and other medical providers by billing and collecting claims for American citizens who receive medical treatment while traveling. The development of Med-X Global was a logical progression from Med-X’s involvement with international air ambulance services.

In 2014 Med-X began responding to concerns from an existing client about the difficulties of arranging travel for claimants. Often times, medical appointments with specialists are scheduled far from the claimant’s home or require multiple days to complete. From this one conversation, Med-X’s Concierge Services was created. Through these services, Med-X provides the convenience of arranging travel, hotel and other services for claimants.

Also in 2014, our regional Therapy, Diagnostic, DME and Physical Therapy networks were launched in the Greater New York City Metro Area. It is Comp-X’s goal to expand these services nationwide in the near future.

In 2015, Med-X launched our Foreign Worker Repatriation program combining our knowledge of international air ambulance, our relationships with foreign hospitals and our extensive care management skills. This unique program is designed to assist catastrophically injured foreign workers in returning home while still receiving continued care. With little or no family to act as a support system in the United States, most of these injured workers are being placed in LTC with significant cost to the insurer. These patients tend to degrade quickly while in LTC due to culture, dietary and language differences between the United States and their native culture. By providing a way to return a patient home, Med-X serves the distinctive needs of both the insurer and the patient.

On April 1, 2016 Med-X became Comp-X Medical Management due to confusion of several other companies in the industry using similar names. While still working with various types of insurers, the name Comp-X emphasizes our primary dedication to the workers’ compensation industry.

In 2017, Comp-X will be moving into our new corporate headquarters located in Marlboro, New Jersey. This transition will allow Comp-X to continue to grow and expand our services by integrating state of the art office concepts that will feature many innovative and environmentally-friendly design elements.

To this day, Comp-X continues to be a family-run company with the skill and ability to respond quickly to the needs of our clients, claimants and industry.

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